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Water Treatment & Purification Solution

Our Solution & Services

  • DM Water Plant
  • Jar Water Treatment Plant
  • Mobile Water Treatment Plant
  • Drinking Water Treatment Plan
  • Bottle Water Manufacturing Project
  • Customized Drinking Water Treatment Plant
  • Complete Solution for Bottle/Jar Water, Swiming Pool & Spa Project.
  • Membrane Based Desalihation Wafer Treatment Plant for Home, Office & Industry.
  • Pumps & Pumping Systems
  • Surface Water Treatment Plant
  • Water Treatment Plant (WTP)
  • Sewage Treatment Plant (STP)
  • Effuelent Treatment Plant (ETP)
  • Water Treatment for Pharmaceutical
  • Ultra-Pure Water Treatment Plant for Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Residential Water Purifier

IX Analysis - Ion Exchange Resin Analysis

Resin Analysis

Water Home provides ion exchange resin analysis for ion exchange resins used in the treatment of water. An IX analysis can be done on the resin media in any water softener, de ionizer or other water treatment equipment using ion exchange resins.

RO Membrane Cleaning

Water Home is an expert provider of RO membrane cleaning for reverse osmosis (RO) systems in industrial and commercial applications. Water Home performs RO membrane cleaning on any manufacturer's RO equipment. On-site reverse osmosis membrane cleaning is offered Membrane cleaning is periodically needed for all RO system membranes.


Water Home is an experienced provider of sanitization services for water piping in ultra-pure water systems. Sanitization and disinfection is critical to the prevention biological growth in water piping for ultra-pure water systems used in pharmaceutical, chemical, and research facilities, as well as in other industrial and commercial applications.

Engineering Services (Retrofitting)

Water Home is an expert provider of engineering services for water treatment systems used in industrial, commercial and municipal applications. Water Home will evaluate your equipment and offer repair/replace/retrofit recommendations on any water treatment system by any manufacturer.

About us

Company Profile

Water Home is a water purification technologies firm and knowledge based business that has been providing Chemical Free Water Purification System solutions since 2014. The credibility of our products was established by solving difficult water challenges for the pharmaceutical industry. Over the past two decades, we have expanded the scope of our business to include Municipal water purification requirements. However, our basic business discipline continues to this day with a proven track record of solving water purification problems effectively, with robustness and durability, typically at a lower cost and smaller footprint.

Municipalities; Food Industries, Pharmaceutical, Oil Fields, Petrochemicals, Power Plants, Rural Areas, Resorts & Tourism, Marine, Camps, Pumping Stations, Army Fields, Airports, Ports, Reverse Osmosis (RO), Chlorination, Chemical supplies for plants, spare parts supplies, Operations & Maintenance, training, and etc.

Complete Water Purification with Sustainable Economic & Environmental Advantage.

Water Home dedicates great attention to the selection of every individual in the company family. Therefore since establishment, we have acquired the most qualified and well experienced working staff in the market. Our Staff, besides the Key Directors, involve engineers, chemists, technicians and skilled labors. All gained their technical skills and capabilities throughout their long professional & practical experience accumulated during serving in major national water and wastewater treatment organizations.

We offer Engineering, Procurement, Supply, Installation, Commissioning and Start up, operation Maintenance and after Sales (as may be required)

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