Heron Max Hot and Normal Water purifier

৳ 16,999

  • Heron Max Hot and Cold System Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Purifier
  • Hot & Normal RO Water Purifier
  • Brand: Heron
  • Capacity: 250 liters per day.
  • Membrane: USA
  • Filtration Stage: Five
  • Hot Water: 1.5 L
  • Normal Water: 8 L
  • Technology: Reverse Osmosis


It’s a machine that produces pure drinking water. It’s a full-auto machine. It takes source water from the tap of the sink or basin. Then it pure the source water by reverse osmosis process and store the pure water in the reserve tank. The reverse osmosis process removes all the living organisms like bacteria and viruses also all types of hard metals from water. Then drain it through the drain line. As a result, the water becomes pure for drinking.

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