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Water Home is proud to celebrate over 15 years of service empowering communities across Bangladesh with access to clean drinking water. Since our founding in 2006 by Sohel Rahman Rana, Water Home has been on a mission to spread safe, affordable water solutions nationwide.

Sohel Rahman Rana

was inspired to establish Water Home after witnessing the severe water issues faced by rural villagers firsthand. On a visit to a remote village, he was horrified to see families suffering from waterborne illnesses with no means to purify their severely contaminated water supplies.

Women and children looked visibly unwell as they collected murky water from a stagnant pond for their daily needs. It deeply pained Sohel to see entire communities plagued by preventable diseases simply due to the lack of clean drinking water. He vowed at that moment that Water Home would work tirelessly to change this unfortunate reality for impoverished Bangladeshis.

Founding & Early Years

A. Sohel’s Inspiration

Driven to solve the urgent water problems, Sohel embarked on extensive research traveling overseas to study advanced water treatment techniques used in developed nations. He immersed himself in learning about low-cost technologies that could transform lives, such as filtration, ultraviolet sterilization, and reverse osmosis systems. Upon returning home, Sohel launched Water Home’s operations to replicate these scientific purification methods tailored to local needs.

B. Starting Water Home
Sohel began small, importing the first modest supplies of basic chlorine filters and slow sand technologies. With his family’s support, these introductory solutions were distributed free of cost to the village he originally visited. Communities quickly realized tangible results – access to even rudimentary purified water saw signs of illness dissipate rapidly. Waterborne disease rates declined markedly within just a few months of Water Home’s operations. Emboldened by these early wins, Sohel expanded outreach efforts to serve additional rural areas.

C. Vision for Nationwide Impact

Encouraged by witnessing firsthand how access to clean water completely transformed lives, Sohel’s ambition grew. He began envisioning how Water Home could systematically spread safe drinking water solutions on a much larger scale across Bangladesh. Sohel dreamed that through innovative yet practical technologies, every man, woman, and child in the country regardless of social status or location would one day have their basic right to purified supplies realized. More intensive work was still ahead, but the seeds were planted for Water Home to make good on its founding purpose – empowering the nation with pure water accessibility for all.

Growth and Expansion

Over the ensuing years, Water Home worked tirelessly on rural installations of increasingly sophisticated treatment systems tailored to water sources. Hand pumps with basic chlorination, bio-sand filters, and gravity-fed slow sand technologies were all introduced to serve remote areas deficient in infrastructure. Communities that once suffered from preventable illnesses now flourished with the gift of health. Word of Water Home’s life-changing impact rapidly spread nationwide.

Buoyed by these successes, Water Home leveraged its expansive on-the-ground experience and technical know-how. The company steadily expanded operations with additional staff and the opening of the first Dhaka city outlet in 2006. This allowed reaching urban households and industrial clients with a more comprehensive collection of premium water solutions from global suppliers. Large-scale reverse osmosis systems provided a means to serve the bulk water needs of factories and institutions confronting heavy contaminant loads.

Specialized technicians joined Water Home to handle complex industrial installations and ensure appliances function at peak performance. An in-house water testing laboratory was also established for rigorous product testing, repair services, and troubleshooting complicated problems. With every new addition, Water Home advanced further towards fulfilling Sohel’s visionary goal of being Bangladesh’s foremost resource for all water treatment requirements countrywide.

Current Operations

Today, Water Home proudly operates multiple retail outlets stocked with thousands of water purifiers, filters, membranes, and replacement parts from brands such as LAN SHAN, PURICOM, AQUA, PureX, Heron, Hi-pure, Korean Brand, LG etc.Water Home supplies best-in-class reverse osmosis, ultraviolet and gravity-fed solutions. Quality is assured through each product undergoing factory inspections supplemented by Water Home’s rigorous quality control protocols.

Customers have peace of mind knowing expert technicians provide personalized guidance on appliance selection suited to water samples, space, and usage needs. Ongoing preventive maintenance and timely repairs further guarantee optimal performance for the life of each system. Whether supplying individual households, housing complexes, or industrial facilities, Water Home sets the gold standard of water treatment excellence through its unique pairing of scientific precision with genuine care for clients’ well being.

Mission and Vision

Water Home’s deep-seated mission remains unchanged since its inception – empowering communities through expanded accessibility to safe, affordable, and reliable drinking water solutions. Our vision is to see clean water established as a basic right attainable by people in every corner of Bangladesh.


Over the past 15+ fruitful years, Water Home has proven its robustness, growing from humble beginnings into Bangladesh’s most trusted name for turnkey purification services backed by unparalleled expertise. Under Sohel Rahman Rana’s inspiring leadership, blessings, and dedication, our journey continues making strides to fulfill his founding dream – serving purified water to every deserving home in the nation. Water Home’s story is just beginning.

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