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Six Stage Sanaky Lotus-BE Mineral RO Water Purifier

Key Features:

Brand : Sanaky
Capacity : 100 GPD
Filtration Stage : Six
Water Type : Normal
Dimension : 42.3x95x33.4 CM
Reserve Capacity :
Country of Technology : USA
Origin : Vietnam
Technology : Mineral Reverse Osmosis

৳ 24,500

Step into the realm of aqueous marvel with the resolute Sanaky Lotus-BE, a cabinet water filter that wears the color of midnight – a profound black hue that echoes its unwavering commitment to water purification. Prepare to be immersed in a tale of reliability, as this filtration marvel elegantly purifies and bestows minerals, creating a harmonious symphony of health. Let us embark on an intricate journey through the labyrinthine corridors of the Sanaky Lotus-BE, where complexity and variation intertwine like a mesmerizing dance.

Behold the Sanaky Lotus-BE, the triumphant third installment in the lineage of Sanaky Lotus-BE cabinet water filters, encapsulated within a frame of robust longevity. Its design, a whisper of sleek black elegance, elevates the ambiance of homes and office spaces alike. With origins rooted in Vietnam and a fusion of USA technology, it emerges as a trusted sentry of clean, potable waters. Equipped with a Manual On-Off switch, it offers effortless command over its purifying prowess.

Now, let us traverse the symphony of its filtration process:

Act I: Sediment Sonata

The curtain rises with a sediment filter, an initial act that clears the stage for the ensuing symphony. Larger particles, rust, and sediment are swept away, a prelude to the transformation that follows.

Act II: Pre-Carbon Cadence

Enter the pre-carbon filter—a harmonious note that resonates through the waters. Here, chlorine is tamed, odors subdued, and organic compounds exiled. A transformation that enhances the water’s flavor and fragrance, rendering each sip a sensory delight.

Act III: RO Rhapsody

The crescendo arrives—the Reverse Osmosis (RO) membrane takes center stage. Waters traverse a semi-permeable membrane, an intricate dance that rids the liquid of up to 99% of dissolved solids, salts, minerals, and heavy metals. A grand purification, a transformation that crowns the water with safety and clarity.

Act IV: Post-Carbon Elegy

As the RO membrane bows, the post-carbon filter takes the stage—an encore of purification. The water’s taste is refined further, lingering impurities vanquished. A final flourish before the journey continues.

Act V: Alkaline Aria

Behold the alkaline filter—a soothing interlude that reintroduces essential minerals. Balance is restored, pH levels harmonized, and the water’s taste elevated to an orchestral crescendo of refreshment.

Act VI: TDS Tango

The TDS controller strides in—a conductor of taste. Here, you wield the baton, customizing the symphony to your preferences. The water’s mineral content becomes your canvas, the taste your masterpiece.

And so, the benefits unfold:

Purity Perfected:

The Sanaky Lotus-BE’s six-stage performance—sediment, pre-carbon, RO, post-carbon, alkaline, and TDS controller—orchestrates a grand purification symphony. Sediment, chlorine, heavy metals—all fall before the mighty crescendo, leaving pristine waters in their wake.

Harmony in Minerals:

The Sanaky Lotus-BE, a maestro of balance, adds minerals back, bestowing waters with pH equilibrium. Taste elevated, potential health benefits unlocked—an opus of wellness in every drop.

Commanding Convenience:

The Manual On-Off switch—an instrument of control, of ease. Command the purification at your fingertips, allowing the Sanaky Lotus-BE to serve as per your symphony of needs.

Taste, Tailored:

With the TDS controller, the water’s taste becomes a customizable melody. Craft your preferred mineral content, sculpting waters to resonate with your palate’s desires.

Endurance Embodied:

Housed in a robust RO frame, the Sanaky Lotus-BE stands resilient. A testament to durability, it performs tirelessly, a guardian of consistent purification.

Choose the Sanaky Lotus-BE Water Purifier—a nocturnal masterpiece, a symphony of purification and mineralization. Elevate your living spaces, indulge your senses, and embrace the vitality of clean and safe waters.

Brand Sanaky
Model SANAKY Lotus-BE
Capacity 100 GPD
Filtration Stage Six
Water Type Normal
Dimension 36.5×23.541 CM
Reserve Capacity
Country of Technology USA
Origin Vietnam
Technology Mineral Reverse Osmosis