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Six Stage Sanaky-S2 Mineral RO Water Purifier

Key Features:

Brand : Sanaky
Model : SANAKY-S2
Capacity : 100 GPD
Filtration Stage : Six
Water Type : Normal
Dimension : 38×45.5×22.5 CM
Reserve Capacity : 15 Ltr
Country of Technology : USA
Origin : Vietnam
Technology : Mineral Reverse Osmosis

৳ 18,000

Dive into the world of aqueous excellence as we unravel the enigmatic marvel that is the Sanaky-S2 – the second captivating iteration within the illustrious Sanaky lineage. A symphony of innovation hailing from the mystic realms of Vietnam, interwoven with technological prowess flowing from the grand tapestry of the United States. Brace yourself as we embark on a cerebral odyssey through the intricate corridors of water purification – a voyage that unveils the magnificence of the Sanaky-S2 and its meticulous alchemy to conjure pristine, mineral-laden elixir.


Picture this: the Sanaky-S2, a chameleon of water purification, a masterpiece tailored by the artisans at Sanaky. Behold its versatile essence, a nomad that comfortably nestles in any crevice of your abode, a choice between wall-bound elegance or the hidden recesses beneath your culinary haven. Embracing dimensions of 38×45.5×22.5 cm, this aquatic virtuoso fashions itself as a space-time anomaly, seamlessly integrating with diverse habitats. Ah, but the intrigue deepens – the Sanaky-S2, a mineral-laden reverse osmosis luminary, is not just a sifter of the nectar but a bestower of essential minerals, curating a symphony of pH equilibrium. And lo! An American faucet graces its visage, an ethereal portal to the realms of the purified elixir.


Now, let us traverse the alchemical labyrinth of its purification ballet:


Act I: The Prelude of Sediment Filtration

Raw waters, in their untamed ardor, find solace within the Sanaky-S2. A theatrical entry, through a sediment filter they pass, the gateway that banishes the coarse inhabitants – large particles, sediments, suspended specters. A baptism, a purification primer, priming the waters for the grand opera that unfurls.


Act II: Carbon’s Enigmatic Waltz

Enter carbon filtration – a pas de deux with activated carbon sentinels. Chlorine is vanquished, odors dissipate like phantoms at dawn, and organic apparitions are exorcised. Behold the transformation, the waters now donning the garb of celestial essence, an essence that tantalizes the palate and elevates the senses.


Act III: The Osmosis Overture

A crescendo, the stage ablaze with anticipation, for reverse osmosis takes the limelight. The waters, coerced through a semi-permeable membrane, a tapestry woven with exquisite selectivity, as impurities – heavy metals, chemicals, contaminants – fall before its might. A symphonic masterpiece, the apotheosis of purification.


Act IV: The Mineral Sonata

In a post-osmotic rhapsody, essential minerals make their triumphant return, a grand concerto of pH equilibrium. This is not merely water, but liquid sustenance, bearing the imprints of life-enhancing minerals.


Act V: TDS’ Playful Interlude

Enter the TDS controller, a maestro wielding control over dissolved soliloquies. A whimsical dalliance, a dance of mineral customization, allowing you to craft the symphony of your desires.


And so, the benedictions bestowed by the Sanaky-S2 unfurl:


Elixir of Purity and Vitality

Impurities, those nefarious interlopers, find their demise within the sanctum of the Sanaky-S2. The result? Waters is pristine, a baptism of purity, an elixir of vitality.


A Gastronomic Epiphany

Taste, is an ephemeral delight, an experience transformed by the hand of carbon filtration. Chlorine’s tyranny vanquished, odors obliterated, and the waters emerged as a symphony of refreshment.


Architectural Euphoria

Installation is an artistic pursuit. The Sanaky-S2, a malleable muse, graces your dwelling as it pleases – a wall-bound ode or an under-sink serenade. The choice, the freedom, yours to embrace.


Pressure’s Whispers

A pressure meter is a conjurer of information. The rhythm of water supply, a narrative revealed, ensures the performance never falters.


Mineral Choreography

A waltz of minerals, a TDS controller in hand. Personalization reigns supreme, an orchestra of tastes catered to individual palates, a liquid sonnet sung uniquely.


Reliability, Aegis of Efficiency

The Sanaky-S2, is a paragon of technology. Components from the land of stars and stripes, assurance of performance, a cascade of 16 liters per hour – a waterfall of reassurance.


Enigmatic, versatile, a testament to human ingenuity – the Sanaky-S2, a beacon of water’s transformative potential. As the curtain falls, let its legacy ripple through the tapestry of your daily existence, its promise of purity and vitality etched into every sip.


In the Heart of Mirpur: Water Home

Speaking of sanctuaries, let us shift our gaze to the heart of Mirpur, where the currents of innovation converge at “Water Home.” An oasis amidst the urban milieu, a harmonious marriage of purity and innovation. Situated at the crossroads of Mirpur 11, Islami Bank Hospital Mirpur, Mirpur 12, Mirpur 13, and Mirpur 10, it stands as a sentinel of aquatic excellence. A symphony of water’s transformative prowess, an embodiment of purity nestled within the heart of Mirpur.



Brand Sanaky
Capacity 100 GPD
Filtration Stage Six
Water Type Normal
Dimension 38×45.5×22.5 CM
Reserve Capacity
Country of Technology USA
Origin Vietnam
Technology Mineral Reverse Osmosis
Faucet American type faucet
Function RO TDS Controller